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In the last 30 years working in the water treatment Industry, I’ve been privileged to work with some incredible people. Some of the following “Grey Beards” are now deceased but their contribution to my knowledge helped form a better understanding of how ponds, aeration, mixing systems and design approaches work.

Paul Bott P.E. was raised on a cattle ranch in Arizona. Guided by his father and grandfather, Paul learned about ranching including what would become a lifetime passion, the care and repair of old tractors. Along with his mechanical interests, Paul developed a keen interest in electronics and Amateur Radio. He soon attained his Amateur Radio License which he has held for 37 years. 


William “Bill” Haldane, Bozeman, MT  began his career in the days of Dorr-Oliver and he was involved with and then passed on his historical and actual experience with virtually every aeration, mixing and process manufacturer in the US. Bill knew and understood what did and did not work and why.


Warren Enyart had a PHD in Physics and a unique ability to convert complex formulas into layman’s terms. He reviewed and understood the concepts and theories for the early design and process engineers and combined that knowledge into white papers that are still used today.


Manufacturer's Representatives Having traveled hundreds of thousands of miles in 50 states plus Mexico, Canada with these manufacturers “foot Soldiers” (ie. reps) I believe its important to recognize some of the guys I shared windshield time with: Lee Durham (KS); Gary Flann (IA); Ray Sprague (CA); Ronnie Hebert (LA).

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