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Do you know how well your pond is or is not working?
99% of operators and engineers do not know how (Good or Bad) the bacterial conditions are in their pond. They may know influent and effluent BOD into the primary and out of the final pond but seldom have knowledge of the mid pond conditions, where all the work is done!

The design formulas used may predict results, But bugs can’t read.
Sunflo2 believes it is critical to know how what is happening “in the middle” of the pond/process. The SSM model offers a daily look at conditions in the pond, especially Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature (others available include pH, ORP, NH3) all of which are critical indicators of biological activity. By knowing mixed volume provided by the Sunflo2 units the operator has daily info on pond health so adjustments can be made before problems occur. 


How much mixing and aeration do you need?
At their basic design and operational level, ponds only require the oxygen from the atmosphere supplemented by solar energy (photosynthesis via algae) as well as wind and wave action. The next step is adding aeration and mix with the majority of horsepower for mixing (ponds are mixing dependent). Operators sometimes reduce operating costs by shutting off aerators (depends on system or aeration type). Therefore, in many applications, continuous operation is not needed. Sunflo2’s (Sunup to Sundown models) provide sufficient mixing for 80% or more applications as they mimic the diurnal variations in direct response to what mother nature provides. For those applications where continuous operation is required, the control box has a relay to add nighttime operation via the grid. By adding the SSM module with a dissolved oxygen probe, operators can be alerted when additional aeration/mixing is needed. The cost of grid power for the S2S models is cheap! ($10-20/month). Especially when compared to a 10-20 hp aerator ($300-600/month) or the cost of an onboard battery and control system ($5,000 up front). 

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