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Since 2014 LiquidTEK LLC has produced solar powered technology that provides lagoon-based water quality solutions throughout North America. LiquidTEK has combined historical observations, empirical data, and established scientific formulas, putting theory into practice. Sunflo2 products with Smart Controls meet the practical and reliable everyday needs of their customers. LiquidTEK believes real time performance data is more important than manufacturer’s claims, so they provide operators, engineers, and owners with useful documentation and proof of performance. Several models in the product line of solar powered mixers and aerators are now being marketed throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Worldwide.

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Wayne holds a degree in "Walking Around the Pond" (his words). He is an American Inventor and businessman and has spent the last 30 years in water treatment sales and product development, incorporating solar, wind, and electric power, throughout North America. His interests are baseball, old westerns, hunting, and adding value to products and ideas.


Practical solutions to improve water quality, reduce energy costs and real time documented proof of performance


Elevating 3rd world water quality to 1st world

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Luis Fernando Pérez Cano is a Mexican entrepreneur and businessman, founding partner and president of Grupo Fox, with more than 30 years of track record and an industry leader with scope spanning from steel processing,  components manufacturing, construction, Oil & Gas, water treatment and specialized chemicals to high end eco-tourism and real estate development.

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