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Common Q & A's

Why do we use solar and what happens if the sun doesn't shine?
     Unlike wind, solar is predictable and occurs every day (you can easily
     sunburn on a cloudy day). The units are designed with sufficient panels
     to operate during cloudy/overcast days. 

How much oxygen does one unit provide?
It depends on your pond's loading, flow and surface area. Typically, one unit
     will add
 three to five times what mother nature provides or on average, 10 lbs of
     oxygen per acre per hour (240lbs/ac/day).

What angle are the panels set at?      
37 degrees on all units except 45 degrees on FSP (Floating Sensor Platform)

How are units anchored?      
Shore to shore with stainless cable or with a ball/chain on large ponds/lakes.

How many units do I need and where?      
This largely depends on the size of pond, the loading conditions, retention time,
     prior history and future treatment objectives.

How much energy can I save?     
Up to 30 Horsepower per unit dependent on factors including what type of aerators
     you may be using currently. 

Why the triangular floats and 3 sided design?     
A three sided design assures that at least one panel is facing the sun despite 
     anchoring variables. Floats are tapered to minimize flow obstruction and to
     prevent damage when ice is present. 

Are there any payment options?     
There are several payment options such as rent/lease/energy buy-back or just
     plain cash. 

How are units shipped and what is delivery time?
     Via factory trailer or common carrier in 30-60 days. 

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